Aired Tuesday December 7, 6:05am - 6:30amon E4 +1

How I Met Your Mother

Series 5 Episode 1: Definitions

Robin and Barney are puzzled as to how they should act around each other now they've confessed their true feelings. They decide to tell their friends that they're not in a relationship but continue to date on the sly. Things are going well until Ted, Marshall and Lily find out. Lily wants them to define their relationship and locks Barney and Robin into Robin's bedroom until they decide if they're together.

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Cast and crew
  • Pamela FrymanDirector
  • Josh RadnorTed Mosby
  • Jason SegelMarshall Erikson
  • Neil HarrisBarney Stinson
  • Alyson HanniganLily Aldrin
  • Cobie SmuldersRobin Sherbatsky
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