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Waffle the Wonder Dog

Series 3: Waffle Learns to Read

Waffle is banned from going anywhere near Sommersby School, so Gramps is at the Brooklyn-Bells' house to cheer him up. They play a game together on the front drive. Gramps and Waffle run in circles quickly, then slowly, before falling to the ground with laughter. Mrs Hobbs appears at her front door. She might have known it would be Gramps and Waffle making the racket. Mrs Hobbs reveals she's doggy day-caring Connie and Ruby's dog, Jelly. Gramps and Waffle can't believe it.

Children / Sitcom
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Rufus HoundWaffle
  • James MerrySimon
  • Tahliya LowlesEvie
  • Ellis-James NaylorDoug
  • Andrea VallsJess