Monday September 27, 1:00pm - 1:10pmon Children's ITV


Series 3: The Upply Strike Back!

Cole and the Upply arrive at the Skull Sorcerer's Keep, and find that the ninjas have been locked into cages while the Geckles and Munces have been put back to work in a chain gang mining Vengestone. While Jay is formulating a plan, he sees the Skull Sorcerer draw the two fabled Blades of Deliverance. Hoping to retrieve the blades, Cole sneaks into the Skull Keep while Wu and the Upply set about freeing the ninjas.

Action / Fantasy / Animated / Children
Cast and crew
  • Vincent TongKai
  • Kirby MorrowCole
  • Michael AdamthwaiteJay
  • Brent MillerZane
  • Paul DobsonSensei Wu
  • Kelly MetzgerNya
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