Monday August 2, 10:00am - 10:30amon E4

How I Met Your Mother

Series 8 Episode 21: Romeward Bound

The Captain asks Lily to move to Rome for a year so that she can continue to act as his art consultant while he lives there. Lily worries that if she accepts the offer Marshall will feel resentful towards her for interrupting his career, but she is unaware that her husband's professional circumstances have changed. Meanwile, Ted and Barney's attention is captured by a young woman.

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Cast and crew
  • Pamela FrymanDirector
  • Josh RadnorTed Mosby
  • Jason SegelMarshall Erikson
  • Neil HarrisBarney Stinson
  • Alyson HanniganLily Aldrin
  • Cobie SmuldersRobin Sherbatsky
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