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Go Jetters

Series 3 Episode 15: Cheddar Gorge, England

The Go Jetters are exploring Cheddar Gorge and enjoying its rocky slopes. But Glitch, learning about the town's love of cheese, pays a visit to the gorge in order to share his fondue with the locals. This backfires horribly when he accidentally floods the gorge with the cheesy mixture. It's up to the Go Jetters to rescue the tourists, the sheep and the Grimbots - but will Foz be able to overcome his fear of heights and save a lost lamb?

Adventure / Comedy / Children / Educational
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Akie KotabeKyan
  • John HaslerFoz
  • Marc SilkGrandmaster Glitch
  • Tommie JenkinsUbercorn
  • Syrus LoweLars
  • Pilar OrtiXuli