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Danger Mouse

Series 2 Episode 36: Bot Battles

There's relief all around when Penfold's pilfering of Squawk's gadgets and clandestine late night trips to shady warehouses turns out to preparation for his taking part in `bot battles', a fight club for homemade robots. Penfold hopes to enter his own creation, Geoff, into the competition but is sidelined by an overeager Danger Mouse and his own robot, the CRN 3000! When the CRN 3000 obliterates all challengers, DM's call for a worthy opponent is answered by Megahurtz.

Adventure / Comedy / Animated / Children
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Robert CullenDirector
  • Aidan McAteerDirector
  • Alexander ArmstrongDanger Mouse
  • Dave LambNarrator
  • Kevin EldonPenfold
  • Stephen FryColonel K