Monday April 29, 10:00am - 11:00amon Food Network

Ainsley's Food We Love

Series 1 Episode 2: How Mum Used to Make

Paying culinary homage to the dishes that our mums used to make, Ainsley puts a spin on one of his mum's classic recipes: brown chicken stew and rice 'n' peas. Country duo the Shires take over his kitchen with an exclusive jam session, and treat Ainsley to a midnight pasta feast. Baking queen Juliet Sear shares her mum's secret recipe for a sumptuous quiche, and Ainsley knocks up some quick homemade garlic bread.

Cookery / Entertainment
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Cast and crew
  • Emma ReynoldsDirector
  • The ShiresGuest
  • Juliet SearGuest
  • Ainsley HarriottHost