Aired Friday June 28, 2:50pm - 3:05pmon CBeebies

Dog Squad

Series 2 Episode 11: Mission: Fun Run

Diesel is a hearing dog for his teenage owner, Rayane, who is deaf. This means he doesn't hear everything. Diesel is trained to listen out for important sounds that Rayane might miss. Diesel is Rayane's ears. Together, they're unstoppable! Diesel and Rayane are off to the park, where their football team are doing a sponsored fun run to raise the funds for a new kit. Diesel has a busy day ahead.

Documentary / Animals / Children
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Cast and crew
  • Georgia TennantKika
  • Ashley JensenMeagaidh
  • Miriam MargolyesSylvie
  • Joanna PageTinks
  • Alex BrookerDiesel
  • Greg McHughDan