Aired Monday June 24, 5:15pm - 5:25pmon CBeebies

Waffle the Wonder Dog

Series 2 Episode 1: Waffle's Ball Pit Pond

It's the hottest day of the year and Waffle is eating ice cream to cool down. Outside in the sweltering heat, Simon turns on the sprinkler to help everyone cool down, but poor Waffle doesn't like the sprinkler and darts through the hole in the fence to Mrs Hobbs's garden, looking for shade. The Brooklyn-Bells try to coax him back, but he refuses to return. Doug decides to make a mini swimming pool by filling the ball pit with cool water. Waffle loves swimming pools.

Children / Sitcom
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Rufus HoundWaffle
  • James MerrySimon
  • Tahliya LowlesEvie
  • Ellis-James NaylorDoug
  • Andrea VallsJess