Aired Wednesday June 19, 12:40pm - 12:55pmon CBBC

Danger Mouse

Series 2: The World Is Full of Stuff

Stuff is going missing all over the world but the team are distracted, fascinated by Squawk's new Futuroid camera, which incredibly spits out snaps of future events. But DM is aghast when the camera produces a photo of him and Squawk kissing! When Penfold is abducted by an alien tractor-beam Squawk and Danger Mouse must overcome their mutual disgust to work together. Their search for Penfold leads them to Flarg, the alien who's been nabbing the world's missing items.

Adventure / Comedy / Animated / Children
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Robert CullenDirector
  • Aidan McAteerDirector
  • Alexander ArmstrongDanger Mouse
  • Dave LambNarrator
  • Kevin EldonPenfold
  • Stephen FryColonel K