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Stargate Atlantis

Series 4 Episode 8: The Seer

An Oracle visits Atlantis, informing the team that Wraith hive ships are heading in their direction. With forewarning, the team hope to be able to stop them once again. The Oracle's prophetic abilities also allow him to assure Teyla that her people are alive, but at the same time he exposes a deep secret that she has yet to reveal to the rest of the crew.

Adventure / Science fiction
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Andy MikitaDirector
  • Joe FlaniganMajor/Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
  • Amanda TappingColonel Samantha Carter
  • David HewlettDr. Rodney McKay
  • Rachel LuttrellTeyla Emmagan
  • Jason MomoaRonon Dex
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