Aired Monday February 12, 8:20pm - 9:00pmon Drama +1

Last of the Summer Wine

Series 30 Episode 10: Variations on a Theme of Father's Day

In order that Hobbo can find out more about Nelly, his supposed mother, he has Howard eavesdrop on her when she is visiting Pearl. Soon realising what Howard is up to, the women plant a completely false story about Hobbo's father being a hippy. Hobbo loses no time in making himself look exactly like the description of his father, complete with earrings and beads.

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Cast and crew
  • Alan BellDirector
  • Russ AbbotLuther "Hobbo" Hobdyke
  • Burt KwoukEntwhistle
  • Peter SallisNorman Clegg
  • Jane FreemanIvy