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Dog Squad

Series 2 Episode 15: Mission: No Dogs Allowed

Tinks is a disability assistance dog for her owner Charli, who has a condition that makes it painful for her to pick things up or to push and pull things. Tinks uses her super fetch skills to help Charli every day. The smallest of the Dog Squad gang, Tinks is a little Lhasa apso with lots of big dog energy. Charli is meeting her friend Annabel for lunch at the local café. They haven't been out for a lunch treat for ages, and the café's speciality is Tinks's favourite - chicken.

Documentary / Animals / Children
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Cast and crew
  • Georgia TennantKika
  • Ashley JensenMeagaidh
  • Miriam MargolyesSylvie
  • Joanna PageTinks
  • Alex BrookerDiesel
  • Greg McHughDan