Aired Sunday December 3, 6:45pm - 7:45pmon 5 Action

Where Eagles Dare (1969)

Action / Adventure / War

World War II espionage thriller scripted by Alistair MacLean from his bestseller. An elite squad of commandos are dispatched to rescue an American general held by the Nazis in a castle fortress in the Bavarian Alps. From the moment they parachute behind enemy lines, however, it becomes apparent that they face not only the might of the German army, but also a traitor in their midst.

Cast and crew
  • Brian HuttonDirector
  • Richard BurtonMaj. Jonathan Smith, MC
  • Clint EastwoodLt. Morris Schaffer
  • Mary UreMary Elison
  • Patrick WymarkCol. Wyatt Turner, DSO MC
  • Michael HordernAdm. Rolland
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