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Aired Saturday August 6, 9:25am - 9:30amon Children's ITV

Tata And Kuma

Series 1 Episode 1: Room 1004 Is Mine!

Dr Ding Ding cannot stand the noise that Tata and Kuma make all day long, so he demands that Tata and Kuma leave the flat - when they ignore him, Ding Ding plans to force them to leave by making Room 1004's environment uninhabitable. When Ding Ding makes the floor a fiery hell, Tata and Kuma enjoy the sauna-like effect, and when the doctor freezes the floor to make it feel like Alaska, the pair enjoy skating and eating ice flakes.

Cast and crew
  • Jo Se-heonDirector
  • Jeon Tae-yeolTata
  • Kim Eun-aKuma
  • Um Sang-hyunDr. Ding Ding
  • Jang Ye-naPobi
  • Sim Kyu-hyukChen Phong
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