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Aired Saturday August 6, 7:15am - 7:25amon CBeebies


Series 1 Episode 10: Musical Statues

Bing is at Amma's creche and it is his turn to choose the game, Musical Statues. Flop gets the Bingpad going and soon all the children are dancing like crazy. Sula goes out first, quickly followed by Coco who both watch for wobblers with Amma. In the final round, Bing wobbles at the last moment and Pando wins much to Bing's distress - he chose the game so he thought he should win it. Fortunately, Charlie never stopped dancing.

Fantasy / Animated / Children / Educational
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Elliot KerleyBing
  • Mark RylanceFlop
  • Eve BentleySula
  • Akiya HenryAmma
  • Shai PortnoyPando