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Aired Wednesday June 29, 6:00pm - 7:00pmon Pick TV

Stargate Atlantis

Series 4 Episode 13: Quarantine

A nervous Dr McKay arrives in the botany lab with the intention of asking Katie to marry him, when an alarm sounds throughout the city. It immediately activates a quarantine shutdown, trapping them in the lab with no way out, but help is not imminent. Lt Colonel Sheppard and Teyla are locked in McKay's lab, Colonel Carter and Dr Zelenka are confined in the transporter and Dr Keller and Ronan are unavailable.

Adventure / Science fiction
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Joe FlaniganMajor/Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
  • Amanda TappingColonel Samantha Carter
  • David HewlettDr. Rodney McKay
  • Rachel LuttrellTeyla Emmagan
  • Jason MomoaRonon Dex