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Aired Sunday June 26, 8:35am - 8:50amon CBeebies HD

Bitz & Bob

Series 2 Episode 2: Tower Top Princess Party

Princess Purl and Princess Bitz have decided to create the best party ever for Sir Robo Bob and Sir Bevel. There's limbo dancing, a bow and arrow game, great music and lots of food; the problem is in the excitement they've forgotten to invite Sir Robo Bob and Sir Bevel. But when Purl goes round to get them, she finds their door is locked and they are having their own party.

Adventure / Animated / Children
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Kitty TaylorDirector
  • Rob DelaneyBevel
  • Maria DarlingPurl & Pop
  • Marc SilkZip
  • Dolly HeaveyBitz
  • Duke DavisBob