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Aired Saturday January 29, 9:35am - 9:45amon CBeebies

Bitz & Bob

Series 1 Episode 18: Ahoy There

A game of beach volleyball is interrupted when a ball thrown by Bevel dislodges the gang's raft, causing everyone to become stranded on Faraway Island. Bob is worried they might have to spend the night there, so Bitz needs to figure out how to get off the island and fast. She scans the horizon with binoculars and spots Zip and Pop fishing on a boat. But everything they do to try and get their attention fails, it seems the only thing that Zip and Pop are interested in is fish!

Adventure / Animated / Children
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Kitty TaylorDirector
  • Rob DelaneyBevel
  • Maria DarlingPurl & Pop
  • Marc SilkZip
  • Dolly HeaveyBitz
  • Duke DavisBob