Aired Tuesday November 30, 2:20pm - 2:25pmon CBeebies


Series 2 Episode 2: Halloween

Bing, Sula, Pando, Coco and Charlie have all dressed up for Halloween. Bing tries to surprise Charlie by wearing his Biteysaurus mask, but it works too well and scares Charlie so much that he cries. Bing thinks that Charlie does not like him anymore, but Flop helps Bing to understand that Charlie thinks Biteysaurus is real. Bing shows Charlie that Biteysaurus has not eaten Bing - he is Bing!

Fantasy / Animated / Children / Educational / Holiday
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Elliot KerleyBing
  • Mark RylanceFlop
  • Eve BentleySula
  • Akiya HenryAmma
  • Shai PortnoyPando