Aired Friday October 22, 7:35am - 8:35amon Drama

The Bill

Series 26 Episode 20: Walk on My Grave

Grace and Neil attend the funeral of Matty Wallace with the boy's stepfather Craig Gant - unaware that Max has ordered an observation order on Gant and his associates. Max discovers that Gant has a criminal record for handling stolen goods but believes there is more to it. Then Terry recognises one of the mourners as someone known to the team for GBH and robbery. Will Max's suspicions about Gant be confirmed?

Crime drama
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Robert MaestroDirector
  • Lloyd Howells
  • Christopher FoxDS Max Carter
  • Chris SimmonsDC Mickey Webb
  • Amita DhiriDC Grace Dasari
  • Andrew LancelDI Neal Manson
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