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Alpha Dog (2006)

Crime drama / Drama documentary

Drug-dealing delinquent Johnny Truelove lives the high life in LA, partying with his peers and getting a steady dope supply from dad Sonny. However, when a dangerous customer refuses to pay, Johnny and right-hand man Frankie kidnap the junkie's younger brother, intending only to keep the kid hidden and happy until they get the cash. These would-be gangsters find themselves out of their depth when the police get involved.

Cast and crew
  • Nick CassavetesDirector
  • Bruce WillisSonny Truelove
  • Emile HirschJohnny Truelove
  • Justin TimberlakeFrankie Ballenbacher
  • Ben FosterJake Mazursky
  • Shawn HatosyElvis Schmidt
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