Aired Thursday October 14, 1:15pm - 1:25pmon Children's ITV


Series 3: Masters Never Quit

Cole, Princess Vania, Master Wu and the Lowly arrive at an ancient abandoned temple, and Wu realises that it is the Heart of the Mountain. The group discover an old abandoned stone mech and a mural of Cole's mother Lilly. In the mural, she is depicted fighting the dragon Grief-Bringer using the Spinjitzu Burst. Wu tells Cole about the Burst, a powerful form of Spinjitzu which his mother studied.

Action / Fantasy / Animated / Children
Cast and crew
  • Vincent TongKai
  • Kirby MorrowCole
  • Michael AdamthwaiteJay
  • Brent MillerZane
  • Paul DobsonSensei Wu
  • Kelly MetzgerNya
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