Aired Thursday May 20, 6:00pm - 7:00pmon Pick TV

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Series 7 Episode 12: The Emperor's New Cloak

Quark and Rom (Armin Shimerman, Max Grodenchik) steal a Klingon cloaking device in order to save the Ferengi leader (Wallace Shawn) from the evil Alliance.

Adventure / Fantasy / Science fiction
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • LeVar BurtonDirector
  • Avery BrooksCapt. Benjamin Sisko
  • Rene AuberjonoisOdo
  • Nicole de BoerLt. Ezri Dax
  • Michael DornLt. Cmdr. Worf
  • Cirroc LoftonJake Sisko
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