Aired Tuesday April 20, 3:15pm - 3:35pmon CBeebies


Series 6 Episode 17: Captain HeyHo's Sing-A-Long

Cook and Line find Captain HeyHo's old guitar washed up on the beach. The captain insists that it cannot be hers, since it was washed overboard in a storm many moons ago. However, after seeing her name on the back of the guitar, she realises it is indeed hers and that it even has a name: Sheilagh! After some persuasion, the boys manage to convince the captain to play them a tune. A fabulous musical number unfolds in the captain's Cove, complete with backing vocals from Cook and Line.

Adventure / Children / Entertainment
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Gemma HuntHost
  • Joseph ElliottCook
  • Richard David-CaineLine
  • Jennie DaleCaptain Captain
  • Conor McNamaraSquawk