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Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

Series 2 Episode 4

Bear Grylls puts seven celebrities through their paces as he sets them on a 12-day survival mission. Building shelters, finding food and making fires are among the main challenges the players must overcome if they want to stay in the game. The mission is set in the wilderness of Southern Africa, where there are dangerous animals, mountains and extreme weather conditions. Assisted by survival experts Megan Hine and Scott Heffield, Grylls judges the celebrities' skills and eliminates the weakest link at the end of each programme until one is crowned Mission Survivor. Celebrities taking part in the challenge are Jason Gardiner, Samantha Barks, Neil Morrissey, Alex Scott, Michelle Collins, Stuart Pearce and Chelsee Healey.

Bear Grylls Host
Megan Hine -
Scott Heffield -
Jason Gardiner Contestant
Samantha Barks Contestant