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Aired Saturday May 21, 8:35am - 8:50amon CBeebies HD

Bitz & Bob

Series 1 Episode 13: Periscope Peril

Princess Purl has lost her tiara and it turns out it's been taken by two naughty castle trolls who parade around showing it off high up in the castle. Bevel pole vaults over the wall to get it back, but he looks straight into the trolls' special goggles and is frozen into a statue. Then Purl rushes in and is frozen as well, and so is Bob.

Adventure / Animated / Children
Original air date
Cast and crew
  • Kitty TaylorDirector
  • Rob DelaneyBevel
  • Maria DarlingPurl & Pop
  • Marc SilkZip
  • Dolly HeaveyBitz
  • Duke DavisBob