Aired Saturday November 27, 4:00am - 4:25amon E4

The Big Bang Theory

Series 2 Episode 14: The Financial Permeability

When Penny runs into financial trouble, Sheldon gladly offers to lend her money. Penny is uncomfortable with getting a loan from him and begins to act out her frustration, which confuses Sheldon. Leonard soon finds out that her financial woes started when she lent money to her ex-boyfriend, Kurt, who has never paid her back. Without Penny's knowledge, Leonard decides to get the guys together to confront Kurt.

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Cast and crew
  • Mark CendrowskiDirector
  • Johnny GaleckiLeonard Hofstadter
  • Jim ParsonsSheldon Cooper
  • Kaley CuocoPenny
  • Simon HelbergHoward Wolowitz
  • Kunal NayyarRaj Koothrappali
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